Our Story

Starting a new Chapter….

As you can imagine you don’t wake up one morning and decide to open a restaurant… or maybe… just maybe you do. Regardless like anything in life a concept, a plant or even a grand scheme starts with nothing more than a seed.

If you glanced up from this menu right now and found your eye drifting towards the window, you’d see an array of greenery. That greenery is home to approximately 3 tonnes of potatoes and vegetables that Stephen and Max planted with help from the local community. That all began as seeds.

Now, with a little time, love and care this produce will become our source of ingredients where possible. We wanted to create something better than farm to fork – I guess you could say we’ve created field to fork. Your server will have most likely picked the potatoes and crops used in your dish – feel free to ask about it – it’s something we’re proud to do.

Max Buller


Max Buller is a young, passionate chef from Loughbrickland. Max, being a farmer’s son began his food journey from a very young age. This allowed him to gather knowledge about livestock and of course learn to appreciate the value of quality meat.

Max entered and won ‘Young Chef of the Year Ireland 2019’ a title that he is incredibly proud of.

This passionate and competitive edge took Max across the world to various countries and cities including, Valencia, London, Edinburgh and Australia. Where he learnt about different cultures, cuisines and chef skills that has enhanced his artistic flair within his Career. Since then Max has worked with some Celebrity Chefs including Gary Mclean (winner of MasterChef 2018).

Max’s passion and drive for high quality, local produce has supported his dream to open a restaurant that is designed with the customer at the centre. In his own words:

“Now I’m wanting to give my customers, a fabulous taste experience, of my own food & creativity from my experience in the industry, and take your taste buds on a journey that you will not forget.”

Stephen Sweeney


Stephen Sweeney is an experienced head chef with over 14 years’ experience working in Hospitality. Stephen understands the value of hard work having climbed through the ranks of many kitchens, taking every opportunity to learn new skills and understand alternative styles.

Throughout his journey he has worked alongside many award-winning chefs including some that have appeared on Great British Menu. As a result, he has been able to expand his knowledge across an array of cuisines within the Hospitality industry and brings these to life within his dishes.

He is passionate for quality food incorporating and supporting local farmers and ingredients found throughout the Island of Ireland.

In his own words:

“Chapter is a place that for me, is home. It’s a place combining the elements of quirkiness, quality to create a quintessential experience of flavours.

For you as our customer it’s a place where I hope your taste journey will not only begin but remain.”