Our Story

Starting a new Chapter….

Max Buller


I am a 22 year old farmers son from Loughbrickland in Co Down. I totally appreciate cooking food which celebrates the produce from our land.

At the age of 16 I decided cooking was my passion, and I decided Lisburn SERC was the place for me and at the age of 16. I walked through the doors of the Catering college and i have been cooking ever since.

I started off in college trying to push my self to compete in well known competitions such as IFEX, in my first competition which i was placed fourth.

From there i gained a lot more experience, By this stage I was working in a restaurant & entered IFEX again & up against some stiff competition we won The Best Kitchen team in Ireland and runner up in the Young Chef of the year.

I have travelled to many different parts of the world, gaining massive experience and learning different cuisines. I have also worked under top Celebrity Chefs such as Gary Mclean winner of Master Chef 2018. I also travelled to Valencia, Edinburgh, London and Australia.

At the end of 2018 I entered Yes Chef competition for all of Ireland. I won Young Chef of the Year Ireland 2019. It was tough competing against some very talented young Chefs. But I learned a lot having to wine pair for every course I cooked. But the experience was so worth it. As I always say you can achieve anything in life if you work hard & put your mind to it.

Now i’m wanting to give my customers, a fabulous taste experience, of my own food & creativity from my experience in the industry, and take your taste buds on a journey that you will not forget.

Stephen Sweeney


Stephen Sweeney is an experienced head chef with over 15 years’ experience working in hospitality. Throughout his journey he has worked alongside many award winning chefs including some that have appeared on Great British Menu. As a result he has been able to expand his knowledge across an array of cuisines within the food industry and brings these to life within his dishes.

He is passionate in quality food incorporating and supporting local farmers and ingredients found throughout the Island of Ireland .

Chapter is where he hopes your taste journey will not only begin but remain during this exciting time.